Private and business flights

Private and business flights

We transport you as near as possible to your destination

Save your time and use the comfort of an executive charter flight.
Even smaller airports are for your business journey available.

An important decision

  • Time:
    An individual flight brings you in optimal time to the right destination.
  • Costs:
    We offer you the ideal airplane for your needs.
  • Flexibility:
    Your dates are our flight schedule.
  • Comfort and service:
    Special offers with business style and elegance.

Choose a business charter flight if you want to arrive safe, rapid and unstressed.


Our team arranges for you all amenities before, during and after the flight and takes care of your luggage and all customs, pass and security duties.


Limo service, helicopter shuttle, hotel reservation, special arrangements and other services will be offered if you want.


Individual catering will be arranged in every combination.

To the flight request